About us

We are a small team of pasionate Indie game makers.

We are located in Colombia and we'll be making games until taxes brake us.


What kind of games do you make?
Currently, we are dedicated on create artistic videogames, strange experiments and story driven experiencies.

Where do you get all that cool music that appears on your games?
It's all Creative Commons Music, check the credits of each game or video, there must be the links to the authors.

How do I become a game developer?
Just start! Do something small but start making games. Do not think more just start!

Colombians! Are you going to make violent games of narcos and drugs?

The Team

Juan Felipe Cañizares
Computer Scientist. He is our creative director, writer, programmer, 3D artist, 2D artist (and practically, he will do everything that the project needs).

Daniel Cañizares
Computer Scientist. He is our main programmer and level designer.

Sebastian Escobar
Foreign Languages student. He is the powerful voice of The Patashnik Parable's narrator. 3D artist and obviously, he checks that everything is well written.

Edwin Osorio
Computer Science student. He is our main 3D artist.

Manuel Fernando Sánchez
Computer Science student. He is our 3D and 2D artist.